Our family farm is located not far from the Flensburg Fjord. Regionality, climate change, and the generational idea have moved us to rethink. On our farm in Dollerup we grow wine, we will press the grapes in the farm’s own wine press and produce wine according to organic guidelines.

Wine in the north? How does that work? – You can find out here.

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About us

In the northern Angeln lies our family-run farm in Dollerup. Since 1927, our farm has been in family hands and was once operated for pure livestock. In the third generation, the farm was converted to a purely arable farm. Now we are facing the third generation change and new thoughts for the future. Each family generation has its own passion and should use this for itself.









We understand our farm as a center of life and a family task. Winegrowing is part of our overall concept. In addition to regenerative energy production from solar and wind power, our agricultural business is at the center of our activities. And there, too, we would like to move with the times and continue to have a firm foothold in the future.

Winegrowing offers us the chance to seize our passion and to develop it energetically. Our drive, the know-how, and a certain amount of courage move us to pursue our common goal: We want to cultivate ecological vines according to the highest quality standards and to press them into tasty wine in the farm’s own wine press.


  • March 2023

    Planting vines

  • Summer 2023

    mechanical weed control, Start eco-certification

  • Winter 2023


  • Summer 2024

    Start construction wine press house

  • Fall 2025

    Grape harvest/ grape pressing

  • Spring 2026

    Wine sale

  • From spring 2026

    Winery tours, wine tastings


Organic wine
medium dry
Sparkling wine / Secco

How is it possible to grow wine in northern Germany?

Modern variety breeding has made viticulture in the north possible. Climate change is doing its part so that our vines are exposed to sufficient sun and heat.

Climate change is on everyone’s lips. We have already noticed crass weather extremes in recent years, and the more southern regions in Germany have been particularly hard hit. We are also feeling the effects in northern Germany. Combined with the progress in variety breeding of the so-called PIWI wine varieties, it is possible for us to grow wine at the Flensburg Fjord.

3 ha

6 grape varieties

12500 vines

15 km vine rows

Our wine

We have a common goal…

At our winery, sustainability and quality are our top priorities. We are convinced that healthy soils produce wines that authentically tell of the fjord and taste us.

The unique character is shaped by our strong soil quality. A high clay content, good groundwater conditions and clay particles that keep the water in the soil ensure an optimal water supply for our vines. In addition, our soils are very rich in nutrients and limestone, this has further influence on the growth of the grapes. The fresh summer breezes and a suitable selection of varieties that suit our northern climatic conditions contribute to the characteristics of our wine.

The high quality is characterized by our way of working. Manual work is a decisive factor in achieving maximum quality.

Precise decisions are always made together in our family team.

The high quality is characterized by our way of working. Manual work is a decisive factor in achieving maximum quality.

Precise decisions are always made together in our family team.

Family business since 1927

100% own production

Careful handwork

Authentic wines from the Flensburg Fjord

Hand picked grapes

Farm wine press house

Cultivation according to organic guidelines

No chemical plant protection


We expect our first vintage in the fall of 2025 – The bottled in the spring of 2026.

Wine tourism

Wine tours

Guided tours of our winery we offer from spring 2026

Wine picnic

Picnic in the vineyard is bookable with us from spring 2026